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Talking with Laura Jane Grace

Talking with Laura Jane Grace

This week I have another interview on the creative process, making things, etc. with Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! As I started doing these interviews again, I was glad to have the excuse to ask her about her brand new solo record Stay Alive.

I’ve admired Laura’s songwriting for a very long time, and somehow she also produced the first Worriers record, so we’ve talked a lot about songwriting at this point. This was a fun way to catch up on that and talk about her new record, the lengths she went to record at home without bothering her neighbors, and how much work actually goes into live streaming (spoiler: entirely too much work imho).

This was recorded on Zoom and I’m happy to share it here as a podcast-ish thing!

If you enjoy this conversation, you can also listen to the interview we did for All Songs Considered a few years ago too where you can hear me get called out on national radio for coincidentally having a song with the same chord progression as Baby, I’m An Anarchist.

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